Roof Repairs

If you’re in need of roof repairs, Please contact us for a free estimate. Portland Roof and Gutters sevices the entire Portland, Oregon Metro area. We have experience repairing every type of roofing material available including Cedar Shake, Metal, Flat and of course Composite. 

Ridge vent installation for better air flow. Inadequate venting can lead to mold build up and can cause health conditions.

Poor flashing installation can cause water to leak through the roof and siding into your homes walls and foundation.

Broken cedar shingle, can cause water to penetrate your roofs underpayment and sheathing causing major structure damage.

Excess mold build up can cause extreme moisture damage to shingles and sheathing leading to roof leaks.

Improper gutter maintenance and cleaning can lead to sheathing and structure dry rot leading to costly repairs. 

Small water leaks from roof and gutters can cause damage to siding and windows leading to broken seals and mold build up.